Here you can find some convenient and quotable descriptions of MicroEnergySociety and MicroEnergySociety’s partners, as well as logos, biographies, and photos.

Description MicroEnergy Society

MicroEnergy Society e.V. is a non-profit organization, committed to societal empowerment, financial inclusion and dissemination of clean energy technologies in structurally poor areas.

Furthermore, MicroEnergy Society aims to sustainably improve the economic, social and environmental ecosystem of energy vulnerable population and to promote development cooperation in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Speaker biographies

Brief personal summaries of each MicroEnergy Society’s management team members are provided below.

Noara Kebir
Noara is Chairwomen of MicroEnergy Society e.V. with 21 years of working experience in designing, implementing and monitoring energy efficiency/ renewable energy technologies. She has co-founded several DRE companies in Germany, Bangladesh, Singapore and Algeria. She has an ample background in providing trainings and capacity buildings to both, the energy and microfinance sectors to energy service product suppliers and financial institutions -from microfinance institutions up to funders- in the fields of green microfinance. Noara co-leads the MES Association founded in 2011, and directs the SE4ALL lectures.

Daniel Philipp
Daniel is Chairman of MicroEnergy Society e.V. with more than 15 years of experience in energy engineering and economics, strategic business development, technology design, clean energy technologies implementation and monitoring. Daniel has provided technical assistance to more than 20 energy companies, financial institutions, governmental agencies and social businesses serving the BoP to strengthen their business models, supply chain capacities, and product portfolios. In addition, Daniel has conceptualized the Swarm Electrification approach and is currently coordinating the development and market distribution of Swarm energy products and services.



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