ME Exposure Programme

The ME Exposure programme brings its participants to Bangladesh to learn on the spot from successful organisations such as Grameen Shakti and IDCOL, which represent best-practice examples in the field of microfinanced energy solutions.

The tailor-made visits depend on demand and technology-specific interests but are usually conducted as:

  • SWARM Electrification Study Tours
  • Green Inclusive Finance Study Tours

Further information about the exposure visit can be found here.


Type Workshop; Class room training; Field visit
Usual target Group Managers, practitioners and young professionals in the field of
renewable energies and microfinance
Duration range
Previous Experiences Ethiopia meets Bangladesh 2015 (Ethiopian MFI client); 10
MFIs from India and Cambodia
Learning Outcomes Best-practice examples; microfinance energy solutions;
learning by observation; South-to-South knowledge transfer
Usual Number of
5 – 20


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