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Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply (MES) International conferences

This MES Conference series was established as an international forum to discuss the micro perspective of the technical, economic, social, and environmental aspects of microenergy systems. The MES conference brings together leading academics from the social sciences, economics, natural sciences, and engineering, as well as practitioners (e.g. project developers and implementers, entrepreneurs).

The MES conferences explore the technical, social, and economic factors and context conditions that can enable MicroEnergy Systems — which provide solutions and clean technologies for single households or micro enterprises — to meet these expectations.

Current conferences:
Microenergy Systems SEER4All Konferenz

Previous conferences:
MES Conference 2018
MES Conference 2017
MES Conference 2016
MES Conference 2015
MES Conference 2014
MES Conference 2013
MES Conference 2011

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